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Be who you are, and you will have shown the world.

Colleen Lynn ::

After several years of print design, Colleen moved to the realm of multimedia. Shortly thereafter, she became the Director of Design at HyperBole Studios. From 1993 to 1995, she led HyperBole's small 2-D design team and helped create four groundbreaking CD-Rom titles. Each title pioneered interactive storytelling and the art of multiple narrative outcomes.

Ms. Lynn next established her design company, VainNotion.com. As the pace of technology picked up, so did her commitments. She divided her time between teaching at the Art Institute of Seattle and consulting with clients. During this period, she began designing smart appliances for the Microsoft Future Home, part of its Consumer Appliance Group, whose prototypes provide vision for emerging technologies, and help Microsoft identify business opportunities in the consumer market.

By late 1996, the need for user interface design had increased and so had her client list to include companies like Real Networks, Design Intelligence, Onvia and many other dotcoms. Undaunted by the fall of the market in 2001, she set out to create a consumer-based product of her own: RuneCast.com. It was a free and subscription-based service targeted at women between the ages of 20-35. At the time of closing this business in 2005, the site had 50,000 registered users and several thousand subscribing members.

Next came a WinCE-based consumer device that altered how many Americans make buying decisions at music stores. The personal listening station, found exclusively at FYE outlets, allows an individual to scan any in-store video, CD-Rom and DVD title and sample the artistic material. Fullplay Media, a Seattle-based software company, contacted Ms. Lynn to develop the user interaction design and graphical screens of the personal listening station. By November 2005, 10,000 units were placed nation-wide in FYE retail establishments.

The Path of Activism ::

In January 2007, Colleen joined the Washington State grassroots Obama 2008 campaign and created the visual site design for the group's website. It was her first step into social activism and it proved a good fit. By October of the same year, and after enduring a serious dog attack incident, Colleen launched DogsBite.org, a public education site about dangerous dogs -- specifically pit bulls. In three year's time, the site has grown into a national dog bite victim's group with frequent recognition from local, regional and national media groups.

Ms. Lynn currently operates out of Austin, Texas. She continues her work with DogsBite.org and web technology clients. Over the past fifteen years, she has built a reputation for her innovative approach to user experience and interface design. Whether the project concerns a consumer, corporate or cause related website design and branding, Colleen's ability to present user choices and content in a simple and compelling manner stands apart.

Learn more at her cause related website: Lynn Media Group.

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