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What does it mean to invent?
To invent is to be the first to imagine, create or to apply something. Invention always starts with a blank page. To reinvent is wholly different. In this scenario one must use existing elements and produce radical change. VainNotion -- Innovation is practiced in both of these areas: invention and reinvention. From corporate identity to user interface design, we promise a distinct and compelling result.

Services ::
Corporate Identity
Corporate Website Design
Product Design, both Web and device-based
Information Architecture Design
User Experience Design
User Scenario Development
Icon Illustration
Traditional Illustration
Content Editing & Copywriting
Website Usability Analysis
Search Engine Optimization
HTML/CSS & Production

  Recent Website Launch ::
Many Internet specialists are not web designers. This colleague asked us to design a small Wordpress website that he could update.

Recent Projects
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VainNotion is an Seattle-based web firm that specializes in custom website design, logo design and icon design.
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